Silver and Black Glamours Smokey Eyes- Canton Baltimore

Maryland Wedding Makeup and TLP Photo work together to provide models with beautiful studio shots and glamours makeup! The makeup inspiration for this featured look was “Late Night Vixen!”

To create this dramatic smokey eye use red and plum in the crease. It accentuates her eye color and the red adds warmth to form a natural crease for her eye instead of making it look swollen. Silver is an amazing color to pop lightly… Read more »

Actor Head shots at Studio BOH

We had a chance to work with Ken Arnold from Studio BOH for our Black Friday special on head shots!

All head shots were for actors updating their portfolio and show the importance of makeup. No matter what type of photo you are taking having a professional makeup artist is key. We can help even your skin and accentuate your features. Even for our handsome men foundation and concealer are a must have! (even if… Read more »

Liji and Shaun Wedding 2011

What a great way to end the year by showcasing a bright and colorful wedding! Liji’s family was so much fun! Special thanks to Roman Grinev Photography and flowers & decor by Partyland! They transformed the place into an Indian Palace. I loved the orange and pink color combination. They popped beautifully on everyone and made everyone feel at home even though there was horrible weather. Thanks again Liji! I am so happy I… Read more »