Silver and Black Glamours Smokey Eyes- Canton Baltimore

TLP Photoshoot 1

Maryland Wedding Makeup and TLP Photo work together to provide models with beautiful studio shots and glamours makeup! The makeup inspiration for this featured look was “Late Night Vixen!”

To create this dramatic smokey eye use red and plum in the crease. It accentuates her eye color and the red adds warmth to form a natural crease for her eye instead of making it look swollen. Silver is an amazing color to pop lightly on the lid. It bounces light and plays off of the crease to make the smokey pop. Grab a carbon black eye shadow from MAC. It is the blackest eye shadow I have ever came across and using a dense smudge brush place the black along the lashline and into the very outer corner.
I blended Angelberry Organics Liquid Foundation and followed up with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage for extra coverage around the nose and chin. You do not have to cake foundations on for photo shoots. Have the photographer do a test shot for you before you give the all clear to make sure whats hidden is actually hidden. Most likely if you put full coverage all over the skin instead of the spots needed your model will look very flat in the photo! Contour and highlights are so important to bring out her round cheeks and give the face a more 3D effect in the photo. Brush a foundation powder 2 shades darker then your natural skin tone across the temples, under cheek bones, chin and lightly across the jaw line. If you look closely in the photos you can see these “natural” looking shadows! Finish with a strong blush and lip color and your done!

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