Random Eye Candy Photography – Feature Four with The Prouds

The simple smile and loving photo with your fiance is the best part of an engagement shoot. Its a true reflection of your love for one another and can be captured so many ways. I was running out the door and almost in my car after a fashion shoot with Random Eye Candy Photography when I get a frantic call from Lauren saying, “Please tell me you haven’t left!”. I ran back up the stairs with a smile to help this lovely couple.

She had never really worn makeup before and he was very clear he hated anything on her lips. So I kept it clean around the eyes and polished her skin for their photo shoot. The trick with applying makeup that’s there but “not there” is to use a little less powder on the skin. Setting a liquid foundation with a loose powder dusted on with a fan brush keeps the skin natural in the photos. Its important to sweep a kiss of bronzer around the primeter of the face and always apply blush evenly onto the cheek bone. If the client never wears eye makeup still put shadows on. Liner and Mascara is what pushes the “heavy” eye makeup look for most clients so keep these to a minimum. My suggestion is for the liner apply a tightline liner across the lash line instead of on the lid. Use pearl finished eye shadows on the lid and under the brow to bounce light and always apply a soft shadow in the crease to create depth in her natural eye shape. If your partner hates the feeling of lip products invest in a good lip stain and consider, when kissing isn’t involved, applying a chap stick on top to keep your lips hydrated.

Enjoy this sneak peak at their photo shoot! I look forward to having the honor of doing their wedding spring 2013!

Click to see The Prouds Engagement Shoot with Random Eye Candy Photography
Click to see The Prouds Engagement Shoot with Random Eye Candy Photography

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