Hello! Let’s Narrow Down Your Ideas!

What I love about our state of Maryland is that we are so diverse. The unique and beautiful sums up our local brides. We rarely see the same type of wedding even with everyone designing from similar Pinterest boards and using the same wedding professionals. That was my inspiration for designing my Seven Local Bridal Styles. It stemmed from this idea that our brides should think about what kind of style of makeup they fall into without feeling overwhelmed. Its ok to be a little selfish and make sure you are the shining star. Hair, makeup, accessories and of course the dress should all work together to represent you completely!  What is your personality? Favorite color or season? Let’s narrow down your thoughts and figure out how to enhance your own unique style. I hope these bring you inspiration for your own wedding!

#1- Naturally Polished

Defining Details of Style : click to view out pinboards for this look!

  • Flawless Highlighted Skin
  • Soft Defined Cheeks and Brows
  • Neutral Shadow Pallets
  • Tinted Glossy Lip Color

Natural looking makeup is our most popular choice from our local brides. The reasoning is simple;  they want to look like themselves! Our main concern is to perfect the skin to appear flawless in photos. We have taken the time to research the best primers and foundations to feel light on the skin but delivery results of perfection on camera! Its the best of both worlds.

Defining the brows and contouring your cheeks will be two of the most important, and often missed steps in natural makeup. Its all about beautiful lines around your features to make them pop without the added color you might be intimated by. This is so you do not look flat in your photos. Strategically placing contours and highlights creates a dynamic look and allows us to add soft color where necessary like keeping lips simple by wearing your favorite gloss or tinted chap stick.

#2- Romantic Charm

Defining Details of Style : click to view out pinboards for this look!

  • Soft Roses & Champagnes
  • Defined Brow and Lash Line
  • Flawless Satin Skin
  • Lips In Shades of Pink

Our romantic bridal style is one of our top picked designs. I love the color range it allows us to play in, from eyes that are accented in soft rose undertones and seemingly natural with brightening, eye opening designs. To evening ready with smoky grays, charcoals that smoke our the lash line and contrast with warm cheek colors.

The simple yet beautiful rose lip can be worn by everyone and can be tweaked to go more warm or cool with a sheer lip gloss. We can mix and match foundations and powders to create a soft satin flawless finish on the all skin types and use highlights to bring out the cheek bones. I love the brow definition with this style, keeping the lash line simple over going bold with thick lashes allows the entire application to contain a complete look over one defining accent.

#3- Dazzling Golds

Defining Details of Style : click to view out pinboards for this look!

  • Various Coral Toned Lips
  • Golden Undertone Pallets
  • Shimmer on Cheeks & Eyes
  • Bronzers & Color Opposite Accents

Dazzling Gold’s is a favorite makeup combination for our summer to fall brides. Bronzer is pretty much a must and we add fun gold shimmers to highlight on the cheeks to give off a natural glow. I am in love with adding greens and pops of an opposite color to the eye makeup. Sweeping a kiss of purple into a coral shimmer creates added dynamic that translates on camera but isn’t necessarily seen face to face.

Just because it’s not summer doesn’t mean this isn’t for you. Gold’s, browns, and corals can be tweaked to flow with most wedding colors and seasons. The skin is kept semi-matte to fight the heat and I am a huge fan of a simple peachy lip gloss for the finishing touch. This look is easy to wear and best worn for brides who want to embrace a warm color palette or for those who find shimmery makeup a must have!

#4- Classic Rouge

Defining Details of Style : click to view out pinboards for this look!

  • Strong, Sweeping Eyeliner
  • Natural Bright Eyes to Gray Smokey
  • Red Undertone Lip from Bold to Soft
  • Perfected Satin Skin

Our Classic Rouge design came from our clients looking to rock out that red lip but were stumped on what to do with their eye design. The fun part about this look is that you can go a couple different ways with the eyes ranging from thickness of liner, smokiness of shadows, and even keeping the eye natural.

We highly suggest using a couple layers of lip stain and lipstick to keep your lip in place most of the night. Brides getting married in the summer and fall tend to wear this look the most, however the sweeping eye liner, thick lashes, and a nude lip can be a “classic Hollywood” look as well to allow this style to work year round without the ‘fear’ of wearing a bright and powerful lip design!

#5- Unique Youthfulness

Defining Details of Style : click to view out pinboards for this look!

  • Bright Highlighting Accents
  • Bold Black Eyeliner
  • Glossy Lips in Hues of Pinks
  • Cool Pinks and Matching Purples

Out of all the colors in our large eye shadow inventory, purple is the number one choice for our brides. The color purple is one of the only colors that I find matches everyone regardless of age, race, and eye color. It also includes an amazing range of undertones from the dark smoky fig to the light lavender. We can really customize a look easily with picking this color pallet.

All seasons of brides can find a place in this Bridal Style as well. Lips can range from soft and glossy to fun and bright. If you feel like you want to play in some color on your wedding day but are nervous about it, this is a great style to start in.

#6- Alluring Mod

Defining Details of Style : click to view out pinboards for this look!

  • Smokey Charcoals, or Browns
  • Lush Lashes, Defining Eye Liner
  • Natural Lips or Pops of Color
  • Metallic Accents & Soft Highlighters

We love the drama that the traditional smokey eye brings to our clients photos. Not all smoky eye designs are the same though!. They can range in color and depth. Your eye shape can determine the strength and shape of color applied as well. I typically prefer the smokey blending of color to be concentrated on the very outer corner, however something sultry along the lash line is absolutely beautiful!

We encourage adding add pops of bright fun color either to the cheeks, lips, or inner eye to enhance the look. Not that its a game changer of course I also love keeping everything uniformed as well. Lashes and a touch of color under the bottom lash line really polishes up the eye design if you like color with the smokey grays. This style tends to fall to our evening brides, year around. We find our winter brides tend to lean into the silver/black smokey eyes. So much fun!

#7- Captivating Accents

Defining Details of Style : click to view out pinboards for this look!

  • Bright Metallic Accents
  • Fun, Flirty Lashes
  • Defined Cheeks
  • Pops of Brilliant Color

Color! A girls best friend in our opinion. This is our least traveled road for our brides and we want to change that! Color doesn’t have to be scary it can be portrayed in a natural fun, flirty ways. We absolutely love it when our clients want to try something new and refreshing, and we can promise that you are in great hands with this new discovery. Our most popular colorful smokey eyes right now for 2015 are bright water blue and dark jade. Stunning for those evening weddings in venues around Baltimore that need that extra punch in their makeup design.

Our spring and summer clients tend to love this category the most since the days are are long and nature is screaming in color as well. Try it! You may be surprised at how your skin looks warmer, eye color pops more, and teeth shine whiter with just a kiss of color.