Actor Head shots at Studio BOH

studio BOH actor head shot 5

We had a chance to work with Ken Arnold from Studio BOH for our Black Friday special on head shots!

All head shots were for actors updating their portfolio and show the importance of makeup. No matter what type of photo you are taking having a professional makeup artist is key. We can help even your skin and accentuate your features. Even for our handsome men foundation and concealer are a must have! (even if its not fun putting on!)

Having make-up done by a professional is of the utmost importance for a headshot session. It not only creates the look we are trying to achieve but also instills confidence in the person being photographed in that they look their best. And in the acting industry confidence is the key to ultimate success. Having the make-up also reduces the post production process as there are less touch-ups that need to be done: Ken Arnold; Studio BOH

Want to come see the studio? We are throwing a Holiday Meet and Greet December 10th from 4pm-10pm at Studio BOH and TLP Studio located in Canton, Baltimore in the Broom Factory Building.

We are here to make it easy! Contact us here if you need us for any professional head shots.

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