Question 6 this upcoming election in Maryland

You may not want to read this, its fine, but I needed to say something personal today before the upcoming elections. My Grandmother became ill a few weeks ago. If you have experienced the loss or a scare of losing your grandmother its painful in a different way. It makes the world stop and forces you to think and reflect on how they helped you grow and contributed to giving you life.

She is doing… Read more »

Bijal + Julie Beautiful Wedding in DC

Congratulations to Bijal who is our March 2012 Bride of the Month!

When I first met Bijal she was nervous about having her makeup professionally done. By pulling ideas together, and finally getting to meet and fully design her beautiful wedding makeup, I believe we achieved the perfect look for her! I was so excited to show her one of my favorite Angelberry Organics Eye Shadows #31 which is a pure gold leaf loose mineral… Read more »

To my, always forever, little sister Bre- I pledge to you my support for gay marriage

I am the eldest of three sisters. Each one of us is completely different, and to me that is a good thing. We are individuals, and our life’s decisions have truly been our own path forward. I had the amazing¬†opportunity¬†to meet a bride in DC who was marrying the love of her life, a woman named Julie. Upon finishing her wedding and driving from DC to Harford County I felt like something was missing. I… Read more »