Small Business Saturday Offer is Coming!


American Express Small Business Story of MWM:

Describe your business:
We are a fun group of makeup artists of Maryland Wedding Makeup and are located in Baltimore, Maryland.¬†We work towards these three words: “Smile, You’re Beautiful!” At Maryland Wedding Makeup, the team specializes in capturing the most special or memorable moments and finding out what makes our clients smile. From full on glamor to a natural polished look-our end goal is always the same; Be Stunning! Be Flawless! Be You!

What are you planning for Small Business Saturday?
We are going to offer a “Bring a Friend” makeup class special. We have learned in our profession that it is very important to have honest feedback when applying makeup, especially by someone you trust, (or, in your case, telling your friend nicely that they need to learn that a smokey eye look is not supposed to express a black eye) But it’s ok! We wont tell them you did that! We will, instead, guide you step by step on how to apply that perfectly blended smokey eye. We promise.

How will participating in Small Business Saturday impact your business?
As our business is primarily in the wedding industry, we would like to take full advantage of the ‘off’ season. It is fun to hang out and learn how to create a desired look with a group of friends. We hope that participating in “Small Business Saturday” will generate brand awareness in our Baltimore community. Exposure is extremely important and we offer so much more then just a makeup artist for your wedding day.

We hope you are excited!!
Claim our offer this Saturday! Link will be posted from Friday Night at 11pm until Midnight the 24th!!

We highly suggest following us on Facebook or Twitter to get the link! All Class Details are listed below! Cheers!

Class Syllabus- For Deal


Your Shape

  • I will provide all the eye shadows and makeup needed for this class. We will start by looking at example eye shapes and you will learn to identify which shape is yours.


Your Style

  • I will show and explain the three smokey looks. Color, Natural, and Black. As a group you will begin by selecting the one look you all want to learn step by step. This does not mean you all will be using the same colors but the style will be chosen as a group so everyone can learn together.


Your Tips

  • After the group selects their look I will give you direction on how to decide what products to use to achieve your desired look. Then, I will show you ways to hold a brush and which brush is used for what part of the face. If desired, I will make suggestions for things I think you are missing at home. We will do each step together as a group. Final step will be to put on eye lashes.


Your Help

  • After completion you will receive an eye face chart and a space where you can write notes on what you learned. I will answer all questions about what you learned.

Sound fun?! Stay Tuned!

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